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Training Explorer

The Training Explorer is a tool that uses public sector data to help job seekers find the best training programs for their needs. Using the tool, residents can custom filter nearly 5,000 training programs, get information on tuition assistance, and gain valuable insight into programs that meet their skill-building needs to make data-informed choices about their future. This tool has been integrated into My Career NJ, a new, interactive digital hub that centralizes personalized career resources. This work is part of the Resident Experience Initiative


When it comes to training programs, there is no shortage of choice for those seeking to start a career, find a new one, or level up their skills. The prospect of spending hours poring through multiple sites to find the right one, and comparing the relative strengths of each program can be overwhelming. The lack of data about potential outcomes or consistency across programs makes these difficult decisions even harder.

Innovation In action

Using open data, OOI collaborated with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to create the first interactive, comprehensive list of all schools and organizations in New Jersey offering workforce training programs, many that are eligible for tuition subsidy. With this data, OOI has empowered training seekers to use data and evidence to help choose a training program that’s right for them. By standardizing metrics for over 5,000 programs, the Training Explorer provides residents with information like a clear cost breakdown for each program, projections for how much they can earn after finishing a program, information on the likelihood of getting a job, and more. With an understanding that no two training seekers have the same needs, New Jerseyans also can filter which programs are wheelchair accessible, provide child care assistance, teach in different languages, or have evening classes.

Impact + Metrics

  • The Training Explorer was the first major update to the State’s training portal in over two decades. Residents now have access to a comprehensive list of workforce trainings in a bilingual, searchable, and mobile-friendly interface.
  • Residents no longer need to visit multiple websites to learn about NJ DOL-approved trainings, and now get personalized, data-backed recommendations.
  • In addition to workforce training, residents can also find resources and support to help them with tuition costs, housing, healthcare, and career guidance.
  • As of April 2024, the site had 83,000 users that conducted approximately 180,000 training searches.


  • OOI is continuing to build additional features for the Training Explorer including more filters, multi-language support, digital accessibility, and integration with related workforce tools.
  • OOI is collaborating with the Department of Labor on digital product strategy to integrate additional workforce resources such as career mapping and personalized career paths.

Resources and Additional Information


  • NJ State Department of Labor
  • NJ State Department of Education
  • Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University
  • New Jersey Council of County Colleges
  • Schmidt Futures
  • Lumina Foundation

Last updated on 5/2/24

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