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Future of Work Policy + Practice Catalog

The Future of Work Policy & Practice Catalog – developed as a tool for the Future of Work Task Force – aggregated leading research, policies, and practices on how to respond to the challenges and opportunities created by the impact of new technology on work. The searchable database collected research so Future of Work Task Force members and other decision-makers could easily view ideas from numerous studies in a single, easy to use format.


The Future of Work Task Force needed a mechanism to review relevant research, policies, and approaches related to the future of work, and evaluate approaches to create a more resilient workforce and spur the creation of good jobs. Every year new research is produced on the topic, and this growing body of work is scattered across reports, articles, and studies, making it difficult for policy makers to stay up to date and make use of this knowledge.

Innovation In Action

OOI partnered with academia to review dozens of reports, articles, and policies related to the future of work and compiled that information into a searchable and sortable format. The catalog was made publicly accessible so that other policy-makers and researchers – in addition to FOW Task Force members – could quickly access material relevant to their communities and interests, including concrete responses to technological advancement for use by government, companies, educational institutions and unions. Each proposal includes a short description and examples where it has been implemented.

Impact + Metrics

  • As of April 2024, the Catalog has more than 35,000 unique pageviews since its launch in 2019.


  • The FOW Policy + Practice Catalog is no longer actively maintained.


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Last updated on 5/2/24

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