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NJ Career Central

OOI is working with the NJ State Department of Labor and other project partners to build the NJ Career Central Hub: a digital “front door” for all jobseekers that houses several new tools including the NJ Career Navigator, an AI-powered guide that provides personalized recommendations on job openings, training opportunities, and career changes. NJ Career Central is a resource to organize job search activities into manageable steps, and a comprehensive, searchable list of all subsidized training programs. This work is now part of the Resident Experience initiative.


Finding a job or changing careers is often a daunting task - it’s stressful, confusing, and frustrating. Job seekers have multiple resources that they can access in different ways and places, and there is no single “right career path.” This challenge necessitates career support that’s tailored to the individual and their needs, and to ensure that New Jersey residents have the tools and opportunities to succeed.

Innovation In Action

NJ Career Central provides personalized guides and data-drives recommendations for job seekers. Supported by AI and machine learning that analyzes 8 million wage records from individuals and hundreds of thousands of resumes, NJ Career Central guides users by providing insights into how transitions between industries and differences in degrees, certifications, and credentials can impact future wages. Residents are provided with quality job listings, personalized job recommendations, workforce skills identification, and subsidized training opportunities when applicable and relevant to them. NJ Career Central and all of its component applications were developed with agile project management and human-centered design.

Impact + Metrics

  • OOI is providing New Jersey workers with simple, straightforward ways to explore careers, training opportunities, and job openings in a range of industries.


  • NJ Career Central soft launched in the Fall of 2022 and is undergoing user testing for further refinement including digital career coaching tools, career exploration resources, and multi-language support.

Resources and Additional Information


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Last updated on 10/26/23

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