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Communication + Engagement Lab

The Communication and Engagement Lab (C+E Lab) aims to modernize and enhance the State’s ability to better connect New Jersey’s residents and institutions to State programs, resources, and services through the use of data, research, and modern consumer marketing techniques.


Government programs and services often lack adequate resources to reach audiences at scale. A lack of government capacity to deploy new tools, social and behavioral research, and data-driven insights means eligible residents often do not know about the programs and services intended to serve them.

Innovation In Action:

The C+E Lab encourages residents to take action by using proven consumer marketing techniques and data. Rather than relying on assumptions, the C+E Lab conducts research and leverages data to understand consumer motivations and then uses those learnings to craft strategies that meet consumers where they are and ultimately move them to action. This strategic approach is guided by research and focused on impact.

Impact + Metrics

  • The C+E Lab supported the successful launch and ongoing optimization of’s first paid media campaign. The campaign is increasing the user base of, especially users from underserved communities, and is providing data to validate channels, tactics, and creative execution. The campaign is also enabling us to create an understanding on if our efforts are equitable in their reach.
  • The C+E Lab advised and supported the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education to develop a paid media campaign designed to connect residents to the State’s Some College, No Degree (SCND) initiative. The campaign launched in late August, focusing on engaging residents who indicate they are interested in learning more about the SCND initiative.
  • The C+E Lab led a rebrand of DOL’s Lifelong Learning Account initiative. By conducting quantitative research to test different consumer-friendly names to identify the most effective and equitable option, the C+E Lab identified the most appealing name, Fund My Future, to be used in an upcoming marketing campaign.
  • The C+E Lab conducted research for the State Library that identified a perception challenge with residents who stopped visiting the Library in-person. Once residents became aware of the services the Library provided, they expressed an intent to return. The State Library used the C+E Lab’s findings to develop a new campaign that is driving residents back into the library again.


  • The C+E Lab was launched in early 2022 and has conducted major end-to-end campaigns with State teams and agencies, along with limited engagements primarily focused on research, validation and establishing benchmarks for future learning.

Last updated on 12/19/23

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