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Lifelong Learning Account Marketing Consultation

The C+E Lab worked with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s Lifelong Learning Account (LiLA) initiative team to develop and validate a product name that resonates with audiences.


The State of New Jersey is preparing to enroll eligible residents in a new, $10 million Lifelong Learning Account pilot program. Rather than promote the opportunity with an acronym (“LiLA”), the C+E Lab recommended conducting quantitative research to test different audience-friendly names to identify the most effective option and validate that it is equitable in its appeal.

Innovation In Action

To help the DOL program team ensure their product name appealed to their audience, the C+E Lab developed four name concepts and conducted a quantitative survey to identify the name that created the most awareness and intent, was believable, and equitable in its appeal.

Impact + Metrics

  • Research uncovered a clear winning name, Fund My Future, that performed best across key attributes (Clarity, Relevance, Memorable, Believability, and Intent).
  • The winning name was proven to be clear in conveying its purpose, and created an emotional connection with our audience to the program’s mission.


  • The C+E Lab is continuing to work with the LiLA initiative team to launch a new microsite to support three key audiences (LiLA training partners, the press, and New Jersey residents) by providing copy and design direction. The new microsite featuring the validated name is expected to go live in 2024.


  • NJ State Department of Labor
  • Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University

Last updated on 5/2/24

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