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Algorithmic Hiring Education Initiative

At the recommendation of the Future Of Work Task Force, OOI is exploring an education initiative about the risks of algorithmic hiring tools that can inadvertently introduce discrimination and limit diversity in hiring.


In an effort to reduce individual biases, employers often rely on algorithms to help make hiring decisions, screen candidates, and even administer interviews. However, studies have found that these algorithms may actually reinforce existing biases, penalizing candidates who identify as women, people of color, or those with disabilities, as well as those who attended certain schools or dress in a certain way.

Innovation In Action

OOI has deployed a research-backed and multi-disciplinary approach to exploring this problem area, while also tapping outside experts and academia to deepen the State’s understanding of the public policy challenges that algorithmic hiring tools present.

Impact + Metrics

  • OOI continues to coordinate research and support for combating algorithmic bias within government and the private sector.


  • OOI is working in partnership with Rutgers University to explore the development and promotion of best practices pertaining to the use of AI decision making tools with New Jersey HR professionals.


  • Rutgers School of Labor and Management Relations
  • NJ State Office of the Attorney General, Division on Civil Rights

Last updated on 10/26/23

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