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Call Center Modernization

The Office of Innovation is working with multiple State agencies to streamline and modernize call center operations. By transitioning legacy contact centers that require manual operations to cloud-based systems powered by artificial intelligence, residents can get help more quickly, while State agencies can serve even more residents with lower costs and greater efficiency.


Residents seeking help with critical benefits turn to the State’s call centers in the hope of speaking with someone who can resolve their issues, however, at times, they face frustratingly long wait times or must call back repeatedly. Meanwhile, the busiest call center representatives are managing hundreds of calls a day.

Innovation In action

Rather than a one-time modernization project, the Office of Innovation sought to develop an approach that can be replicated with greater speed and efficiency at additional partner agencies. So after successfully helping to improve its first call center, OOI took those proven lessons and tactics and applied them to its next call center modernization project, saving valuable time and resources. This playbook continues to be refined and improved upon with each partnership.

Impact + Metrics

  • As of April 2024, six call centers – including those serving the ANCHOR property tax program, Temporary Disability and Family Leave, and Unemployment Insurance – have been modernized enabling them to efficiently manage over 4.3 million calls within the first year.
  • The new system is projected to save millions of dollars for the Department of Treasury and the Department of Labor due to increased operational efficiency like a 50% boost in call resolution rates through self-service options and cost reductions from automated callbacks versus extended hold times that were not possible with previous platforms.
  • A new automatic callback system reduced wait times from 40 minutes to under 2 minutes at a pilot agency by reserving a caller’s place in line and giving them a same-day call back when an agent is available, which significantly boosted resident satisfaction and agent support capacity.
  • The new system allows agencies to handle higher call volumes by developing self-service tools in English and Spanish so callers can resolve their own queries, drastically reducing wait times and freeing agents to speak with more residents.
  • Callers can now get important links and information through text messages, making it easier for residents to resolve issues even while waiting to speak with an agent.
  • The new system also provides critical data and insights from calls, so call center managers can proactively create new menu options and tools based on frequently asked questions as they emerge.


  • OOI continues to work with a growing number of agencies to modernize their call centers, and are making ongoing improvements in user interface and functionality.


  • NJ State Department of Labor
  • NJ State Department of Treasury - Division of Taxation

Last updated on 5/10/24

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