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The Account is an interactive tool that provides entrepreneurs and businesses with personalized, step-by-step guides to planning, starting, and growing their company based on their specific industry. In addition, users can file several required forms and complete a growing number of transactions all through the tool.


Starting and operating a business in New Jersey requires navigating a complicated and fragmented process, bouncing from agency to agency, filing forms, providing redundant information, and creating multiple accounts. Prior to the Account, there was no digital tool that allowed businesses to discover what they needed to complete, and how they could go about doing it.

Innovation In Action

With the user at the heart of every decision, OOI has transformed how businesses interact with NJ State government with a focus on ease and convenience. That means serving up all the information businesses need in a digestible, actionable format rather than placing the burden on businesses to search across multiple agencies. It also means streamlining policies and enabling data-sharing across agencies, so businesses can complete transactions without needing several accounts and individual forms from different agencies.

Impact + Metrics

  • Entrepreneurs now have personalized Starter Kits specific to over 50 industries for starting their companies in New Jersey. This guide explains what forms and licenses they need, legal requirements, and more.
  • Through advanced data-sharing, any new company can now legally form their business and check their license application status directly through their Account rather than by visiting multiple agencies.
  • For the first time, businesses now have a personalized calendar for deadlines and filings, as well as personalized funding and certification recommendations from a growing statewide database.
  • The personalized account function was used more than 345,000 times in 2023 – a 130% increase in usage from the previous year.
  • As of April 2024, more than 35,000 businesses have filed formation documents through since the tool’s launch in 2022, and the site now facilitates one out of seven new business formations in the state.
  • Additional support features released in 2023 allow for the formation of nonprofits and out-of-state businesses. As of April 2024, 1,500 out-of-state businesses have been authorized through the site as well as more than 500 non-profit formations.


  • The Account is continually being updated with additional capabilities and personalized guides based on user testing and surveys.

Resources and Additional Information


  • Office of the Governor
  • NJ State Department of State, Business Action Center
  • NJ Economic Development Authority
  • NJ State Department of Treasury
  • NJ State Department of Labor
  • NJ State Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs
  • Statewide initiative, in partnership with all relevant State entities

Last updated on 5/1/24

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