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Innovation Skills Accelerator

The New Jersey Innovation Skills Accelerator is a free, online learning program that trains public officials to think differently and serve residents more effectively by using data, new technologies, and innovative methods. The program - which consists of at-your-own pace and live trainings - covers a range of modern methodologies like user-centered design, agile approaches, and evidence-based decision making.


Public sector professionals in government are responsible for tackling critical challenges, but often lack the tools, strategies, and resources to better serve residents. At the same time, the public sector is underserved in training and upskilling opportunities, especially in modern practices related to the use of technology, design, and data. OOI needed to identify ways to help strengthen the capacity of public sector professionals to solve public challenges.

Innovation In Action

To reduce barriers and ensure the greatest spread of knowledge, OOI created a free, online training course that anyone can complete at their own pace. Each learning module connects users with top talent in a range of fields from New Jersey and beyond through video instruction, interviews, readings, and self-assessments. These modules are complemented by in-person bootcamps and workshops as well as bespoke programming developed to meet the needs of agency partners.

Impact + Metrics

  • The Innovation Skills Accelerator’s online content is publicly accessible for free, so officials at every level of government across New Jersey and beyond can learn how to be more innovative.
  • In 2022, over 1,300 State employees signed up for 12 live, virtual workshops on innovation skills to help them use data, collective intelligence, and human-centered design to better serve New Jersey residents
  • As part of the Innovation Skills Accelerator program, OOI developed bespoke innovation skills programming with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office that included introductions to machine learning, predictive analytics, and collective intelligence with the aim of exploring how these technologies can be used to create more effective policies and services.


  • As of the Spring of 2023, the Innovation Skills Accelerator team is working with the newly-formed interstate training collaborative, InnovateUS – created in partnership with California, Colorado, Maine and Pennsylvania – to launch a fully-redeveloped course on digital skills and problem solving.
  • The Accelerator program, in partnership with InnovateUS, continues to deliver live and bespoke trainings for State departments.

Resources and Additional Information


  • Statewide initiative, in partnership with all relevant State entities
  • InnovateUS

Last updated on 10/26/23

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