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Business.NJ.Gov Updates Updates is an email update program that proactively shares information on new programs, services, and regulatory changes for businesses and nonprofits operating in New Jersey.


The rapid creation of emergency aid programs, new safety requirements, and other critical developments during the pandemic underscored the need for additional ways to keep businesses in New Jersey up to date with the latest news. Traditional media outlets and social media offered limited reach when it comes to news that specifically affect businesses, so many business owners missed out on important information and opportunities.


To provide the State with a means to more effectively proactively reach businesses, OOI launched an email update program to inform businesses about regulations and news. The newsletter uses plain-language and focuses on actionable news and information. Through the continuous analysis of data analytics and periodic engagement with users, OOI improves communication and service delivery.

Impact + Metrics

  • Updates has gained more than 125,000 subscribers since its launch.
  • The Updates program has generated millions of interactions with subscribers, significantly increasing awareness of an array of policy priorities and programs. The program has generated more than 40,000 engagements with funding programs, and more than 25,000 engagements with policy and compliance updates.


  • OOI continues to work with State departments and agencies to directly send updates to tens of thousands of businesses’ inboxes.

Resources and Additional Information


  • Office of the Governor
  • NJ State Business Action Center
  • NJ Economic Development Authority
  • Statewide initiative, in partnership with all relevant State entities

Last updated on 11/27/23

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