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Disabilities Information Hub

New Jersey’s Disability Information Hub will serve as a central source of information for individuals with disabilities as well as their families and caregivers. The site will consolidate critical information from dozens of agencies in a user-friendly format on a range of topics from health care to utility assistance, transportation to in-home support, and more.


There are a multitude of state programs that support people with disabilities, however finding and accessing them can be a challenge as they are largely organized by the agency responsible for administering the program. In practice, that means poring over dozens of different state websites to find information which increases the likelihood that users may not get the information or help they need.

Innovation In Action

Building on the model pioneered by the COVID-19 Information Hub, OOI is building the Disability Information Hub around specific user needs rather than organizing information by government agency. In addition, to ensure users’ needs are fully met, OOI is employing an iterative, data-driven and human-centered approach. In practice, this means OOI first conducted a survey and worked with advocacy organizations to understand the most pressing needs and challenges of New Jerseyans with disabilities. Throughout the development process, the site’s content and design will continually be revised based on user testing and feedback. Given the hub’s intended audience, OOI is also working closely with accessibility experts to optimize the site’s accessibility for all users.

Impact + Metrics

  • When the Disability Information Hub launches, New Jerseyans with disabilities and their families and caregivers will no longer have to navigate a maze of state agencies and instead will have an easy to use, centralized portal for all their needs.


  • As of April 2024, a beta version of the Disability Information Hub is under development and is being refined based on user testing and feedback from individuals with disabilities


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Last updated on 5/1/24

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