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  • Governor Phil Murphy • Lt. Governor Tahesha Way
  • Get Updates is a central source of information for college students in New Jersey who need support meeting their basic needs. The site features easily-accessible, actionable information to help students with food, housing, childcare, transportation, and other challenges overcome them so they can continue their pursuit of higher education.


Many college students – particularly low-income people of color – struggle to meet their basic needs including getting enough to eat and even accessing adequate housing. This hampers academic performance and forces many to drop out. While there are programs available to help, they are scattered across multiple agency websites and students may not be aware of their ability to access these vital resources.

Innovation In Action:

Building on the model pioneered by the COVID-19 Information Hub, OOI built the College Support Resource Hub around the specific needs of college students rather than organizing information by government agency. To ensure users’ needs are met, OOI used an iterative, data-first design philosophy that prioritized first understanding students’ greatest needs. In addition, the hub’s content, design, and organization will continue to be revised based on user testing and feedback.

Impact + Metrics

  • For the first time, college students in New Jersey have a government resource dedicated to simplifying critical services and no longer need to spend hours visiting multiple sites.
  • As of April 2024, has been visited more than 29,000 times, providing these visitors with critical information and resources.


  • In early 2023, a beta version of was launched and is currently undergoing user-testing and further refinement based on feedback.
  • In Fall 2023, the beta version of the website and user feedback was presented to a convening event that included colleges throughout the State.
  • The content management team at the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education is actively managing the site and continues to update it as needed.

Resources and Additional Information


  • NJ State Office of the Secretary of Higher Education

Last updated on 5/2/24

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