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Spencer Wohlers

Headshot photograph of Spencer Wohlers

Spencer Wohlers (he/him) is a software engineer with the Office of Innovation, where he works to improve the experience of starting and running a business here in New Jersey. As a full-stack software engineer, he is tasked with end-to-end system improvements, from enhancing the accessibility of web-based applications to refining system performance and resiliency.

Spencer brought with him nearly two decades of combined private-sector and public-sector experience working in the technology industry, including well-known higher education and private enterprises. Prior to joining the Office of Innovation, he started and ran his own technology consultancy, advising clients on technology, business, and marketing strategy as well as developing applications as a principal product engineer. Spencer has also worked in technology education, with a specific focus to improve the overall diversity, equity, and inclusion in the preparation and hiring of non-traditional, underserved, and/or under-represented candidates in the tech industry and the training of others to do the same.

Outside of work, Spencer can be found in the kitchen with his family, on a hiking trail, on an archery range, or checking out new restaurants within the tri-state area.

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