This site is in beta and a work in progress


This site is in beta and a work in progress

State of New Jersey


A stronger New Jersey will be built on the back of innovation.

-Governor Phil Murphy

What We Do

The Office of Innovation works collaboratively with government, academic, non-profit, and private sector institutions to drive innovation in the Garden State's economy and improve the design and delivery of policies and services to the state's residents, businesses, and institutions.

Design + Development

Through our Innovation Lab, we collaborate with State departments and agencies to develop better products, policies, and services for New Jerseyans using human-centered, data-driven, and agile practices.

Innovation Skills Training

Through the Innovation Skills Accelerator, we train public officials to leverage new technology and data to drive innovation in their day-to-day work and tap into the intelligence and expertise of New Jerseyans.

Public Engagement + Open Government

As part of the SmarterNJ initiative, we work with State departments and agencies to leverage new and innovative technology that allows the public to meaningfully contribute to the policymaking process.

Project + Policy Advising

We employ expertise in data, design, open governance, and open innovation to provide the Governor's Office and State partners with an array of innovation advisory services to strengthen project, policy, and legislative outcomes.

Projects + Initiatives

The Office of Innovation designs, develops, and implements an array of projects and initiatives in partnership with the Governor's Office, State agencies, and other public sector stakeholders. Click below to learn more about a few of our projects.


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COVERAGE: Workers fear losing full-time jobs, no training, corporate surveillance

State tax credits to encourage companies to offer worker training, 401(k)-style accounts to help people pay to learn new skills and a statewide platform that helps independent contractors get and use benefits are among the options a New Jersey task force studying the future of work is considering to meet some of workers’ major concerns.The New Jersey Future of Work Task Force, created by Gov. Phil Murphy in October 2018, is charged with preparing for both the opportunities and challenges that technology will bring to the state’s workforce. The group surveyed workers earlier this year about issues relating to technology’s impact on their jobs and has completed a report on its findings.

POST: How New Jersey Asked Workers About the Future of Work: The Importance of Partnership

An architect would never design a house without talking to the client, yet those who govern often create policy without the meaningful input of affected residents. That is why the New Jersey Future of Work Task Force went online in February 2020 to ask New Jersey residents what they felt were the challenges that technology posed to the future of work in order to inform the Task Force’s recommendations. Nearly 4,000 responded.

POST: What We Learned About the Future of Work from 4,000 Workers in New Jersey

The Future of Work Task Force, charged with understanding how coming changes in technology will impact New Jerseyans at work, is responsible for producing a comprehensive policy roadmap to prepare Garden State workers and businesses. In order to better understand the issues facing workers and businesses, the Task Force created a digital public engagement campaign, entitled “Your Future of Work,” asking the public to share their greatest concerns with regard to the impact of new technology on three policy areas: lifelong learning and skills, rights and benefits for workers, and workplace health and safety.

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